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In Airbloc, ads can become a useful piece of information, not a noise.

With AIRBLOC, Users are granted the following benefits: 1) Tracking; 2) Control; and 3) Monetization. Strong Partnerships - Even before the ICO ended, leading enterprises in Korea such as GS SHOP has already expressed interest in buying data off Airbloc’s Data Marketplace. Icon and Airbloc will be quite intertwined. Even large enterprises can only access data related to market trends. I anticipate Airbloc being one of many projects that partners with Icon for multiple reasons. So, when Apps use DAuth, it creates legitimacy and transparency in data transactions.

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  • ICO Period: June 19, 2018 - June 29, 2018

However, these companies often have unreliable data because they do not compensate users.

To collect data with reliability, Airbloc continuously validates the credibility of each user, the data providers. ABL is a transferable ERC20 token, and AIR is a non-transferrable token belonging to Users, but can later be converted into ABL on a 1:1 ratio. Airbloc will issue ‘ABL tokens’ as means to buy and sell data and ad exposures. Say an application has 30m users beneath it and it installs 30m users, instantly 30m users would be onboarded into Airbloc’s ecosystem. One is the AIRBLOC (ABL), and the other is AIRBLOC Reward (AIR). This is because users can configure types of ads to be viewed and not to be viewed on Airbloc’s Main Client Service.

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If an app wants to sell user data to advertisers, it installs the AIRBLOC SDK and states how much revenue it will offer to share with users.

In the AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, even small-scale advertisers in search of small amounts of quality data are able to purchase data too. There is a risk that apps or users could provide fake data. To prevent this problem, AIRBLOC will require apps to execute KYC on users and to hash users’ emails and phone numbers before providing data to the AIRBLOC network. From the article: Airbloc will use ICON to develop Aero Network, which is the data validation network in Airbloc — optimized for data processing. In addition, more than a certain amount of ABL is needed as a deposit for the refinery to refine the data. ABL is used as a currency unit for data trading, or to pay for data.

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Users can track and control their data transactions, as well as monetize their own data.

This will allow them to refine the data into sub-categories that are useful to advertisers. ABL ICO token is required to participate in AIRBLOC Network. The AIRBLOC tokens (ABL) will cost US$0.0609 each, to be paid in ETH equivalent. Furthermore, with AIRBLOC’s features, the quality and granularity of data collected from Users or Apps can be far better than those purchased from traditional data brokers. Also, to the individual users who are exposed to ad campaigns, rewards will be given. The AIRBLOC ICO is launching at 12 pm (GMT) on 19 June, 2018 and will end at 12 pm (GMT) on 29 June, 2018.

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In other words, Users will have to approve the corresponding service or App, if they are to sell Users’ data on their behalf on the AIRBLOC Marketplace.

Users with high PRE scores will be eligible to become data reliability miners and earn tokens in exchange for verifying the authenticity of data. Alternatively, advertisers can purchase the un-refined data directly from apps. So, Airbloc will adopt the Hybrid-chain architecture that uses Ethereum and ICON together. Airbloc Protocol is a Reverse ICO supported by a strong parent company ab180 that specialises in big data analytics and digital advertising. AIRBLOC’s DAuth is a procedure that acquires approval from Users to sell their personal data. 13:11 11 Jun 11:04 11 Jun Dear Airblocers We are especially excited to announce that Signum Capital has joined Airbloc Protocol as a strategic investor!

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Personal information, survey responses, and behavioral data are used for credit score computation and bigger reward will be given to users with high credit ratings.

However, users do not have control over the use of their data, and there is growing concern that these services have become a threat to privacy. Since cleansing and processing of the large amount of data cannot be done on Ethereum, the tasks will be processed on Aero Network that uses ICON. Moreover, in accordance with the revenue distribution algorithms as specified in the smart contract, Users will receive revenues generated from actual data usage or sales. Meanwhile, from the Data Consumer’s side, small and medium-sized enterprises are often barred from purchasing data even in small amounts. ++ Existing business, MVP, comprehensive WP 4 people agree Blockchain Consultant, MBA, LSSGB, Former USA Financial Advisor, Insurance AgentRated on May 22, 2018 7%weight In my opinion, The AIRBLOC team consist of experts in data analytics, web development, blockchain, and publishing. A release reads: Since cleansing and processing of the large amount of data cannot be done on Ethereum, the tasks will be processed on Aero Network that uses ICON. With AIRBLOC, Users can directly submit data to the blockchain data supply chain.