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The Akropolis project is building the largest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world.

Because of all these issues, Akropolis has seen a way to solve this problem using the blockchain technology. The company reunites experts in blockchain technology, pension and savings funds which are already working on solutions to these problems and issues. The Akropolis team seems to be qualified enough to deliver such project. The Akropolis platform allows individuals to manage all of their pensions in one place.

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  • dApp Fund Manager, BITNATION
  • CEO, Estatechain
  • Cass Business School

Akropolis is taking on a very complex industry head first, making pensions more accessible and simple for people around the world.

Intermediaries suck huge amounts of capital out of funds through fees charged, Akropolis will help reduce their necessity through employing AI and machine learning. Akropolis will partner with top experts in the pension sector to help solve the current problems of the global pension industry. Today, our blog will review a new blockchain company called Akropolis, which works in the field of pensions and savings for retirement. In addition to that, several team members do not state the Akropolis project as their current employer which creates risks associated with part-time involvement.

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Enterprise License Fees — In comparison to the public Akropolis platform, an enterprise solution shall exist for PFs to manage and track their investments across the Akropolis platform.

The platform will have two types of tokens associated with it – the Akropolis External Token (AKT) and the Akropolis Internal Token (AIT). Several team members hold positions in other companies/startups which may jeopardize their involvement in the Akropolis project. Their long-term advice would be very helpful for the Akropolis team to succeed, and their long-term involvement is usually guaranteed by the respective vesting conditions for advisors. • The AKropolis external Token (AKT) is a fixed-supply token whose value is subject to market forces.

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Marcus does not acknowledge his advisory role in the Akropolis project on his LinkedIn profile.

The application of the AKT token seems reasonable, users will have to have this token if they want to benefit from the Akropolis platform. According to the project’s roadmap, the beta version of the Akropolis platform is planned to be launched in Q3-Q4 2018. The Akropolis Internal Token (AIT) is an independent token which abstractly represents an arbitrary stable coin. Also, the Akropolis CEO stated in the official Telegram group that there are more team members to be included in the project closer to the ICO.

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There are two types of tokens within the Akropolis platform.

Akropolis is designed to meet all the needs for pension provision of all involved parties from individual users to managers of pension funds. The Akropolis platform acts as a gateway between individuals, pension funds and the fund asset managers that manage retirement investments. • There are two main tokens within the Akropolis platform. They must undergo stringent vetting processes to obtain access to the Akropolis platform and must regularly report on the assets under their management.

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Akropolis’ platform is novel as they propose a dual currency solution, the external token AKT and internal stable coin AIT.

The Akropolis CEO stated in its official Telegram group that there are more team members still to be included in the development closer to the ICO. The Akropolis team is made up of many experienced fund asset managers, which gives the project a leg-up in terms of implementation. The Akropolis (AKT) platform will initially be launched on Ethereum with the ultimate goal of becoming blockchain agnostic. The whitepaper states the following examples of premium services: There are four primary areas where fees will be charged within the Akropolis platform. It will provide an efficient gateway between both individual users and institutional pension funds, and the fund/asset managers who traditionally manage pension investments. The goal of Akropolis is to be the largest alternative infrastructure for pensions globally by creating decentralized pensions on the blockchain using smart contracts. Yes, pensions are bad, but maybe saving for yourself and investing well can be a better way to save money for retirement than to use services like Akropolis. Available Tokens for sale 0 % The global pension industry is in serious trouble, with many funds underfunded and heading for disaster unless solutions are applied right away.