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In addition Icograda presented the Branding and Innovalue seminar and an Asian Regional Meeting in Taipei, followed by a Design Education Symposium and Student Workshop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

[62] Icograda also hosted two major Design Weeks. [8] Peter Kneebone proposed the idea to establish an international organisation for graphic design and was involved in Icograda’s founding. Color Value, Icograda Design Week in Daegu, South Korea[73] took place in July, and in October Multiverso: Icograda Design Week in Torino Italy. At the 3rd Icograda General Assembly FHK Henrion was elected President and Pieter Brattinga re-elected Secretary-General. Icograda published the History of Design Bibliography edited by Victor Margolin,[38] and Projects in Graphic Design Education[39] edited by Jorge Frascara. In 2008, Icograda again held two Design Weeks.

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  • “Silent Journey”, December 2015from Heidelberg to La Gomera

[36][37] The 2nd Joint Congress of Icograda, ICSID, IFI Design 87 − with as its theme ‘Design Response’ − was held in Amsterdam from 16–20 August 1987.

The Icograda Education Network Conference and Assembly of Icograda Education Network was held June in Brighton, UK. [33] From 23–27 July 1995, the 16th Icograda Congress took place in Lisbon, Portugal, followed by the General Assembly in Porto. In the same year Icograda publishes Graphic journalism: Catalogue of Magazines and Annuals of Graphic Design and Allied Subjects featuring around 300 journals from 30 countries. The Congress was followed by the Icograda Education Conference, 29–30 October, Beijing. In January 2004 the Icograda Design Week in Istanbul was held in Turkey. The Icograda Foundation was established in 1991 for the advancement of worldwide understanding and education through the effective use of graphic design.

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[23] The second Icogarada Congress, ‘Graphic Design and Visual Communication Technology’, and General Assembly were then held from 11–16 July 1966 in Bled, then in Yugoslavia.

In November of the same year, the first Icograda Design Week was held in Melbourne, Australia. The book provided an in-depth view of the Icograda Student Seminars which had been held annually in London from 1973 to 1999. In 1993 the 3rd Joint Congress of Icograda, ICSID and IFI was held in Glasgow, Ireland from 5–9 September. [43][44][45] In 1991 the 14th Icograda Congress and General Assembly took place in Montréal, from 25–29 August, attended by around 2,000 delegates. [68] At the 22nd Icograda General Assembly that followed, Don Ryun Chang (South Korea) became president and Lise Vejse Klint (Denmark) was again elected Secretary General. In January, So Tiny, So Many: Icograda Design Week in Hong Kong took place in China and consisted of a student workshop, an evening lecture series and a Regional Meeting.

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[24] The theme was ‘Graphic Design Through High Technology?’

[79] This was the last dedicated Icograda Congress and was attended by 1 750 delegates from 48 countries. The 17th Icograda Congress and General Assembly took place from 21–23 October in Punte del Este, Uruguay. This was the first time that Icograda hosted a congress in Africa and also the first joint Icograda/IFI Congress. In August, Icograda and ICSID hosted a Joint Board Meeting and evaluation of the final six bids for the Joint Secretariat in Essen, Germany. The book, Worldwide Identity: Inspired Design from Forty Countries, written and produced by Robert L. Peters, published by Rockport, was also published and INDIGO (International Indigenous Design Network) was conceptualised. Board meetings are typically held four times a year in different locations around the world, usually in conjunction with regional meetings, seminars or other scheduled design events.

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At the 11th Icograda General Assembly (also in Nice) Jorge Frascara was elected president.

The Congress also included the launch of the Icograda Education Manifesto 2000, which was published in 17 languages. The 18th Icograda General Assembly followed immediately after the Congress, 30 September-1 October in Sydney. [77][78] In October, the XIN: Icograda World Design Congress in Beijing took place China. “[26] Icograda has always been totally non-political but the 1968 Congress coincided with the end of the Prague Spring. The Week’s programme included The Language of the City Student Workshop, a Latin American Regional Meeting, Design in Latin America Regional Design Seminar, and the Fronteiras! At the 23rd Icograda General Assembly 125 delegates from 45 countries attended, making it the largest and most representative in Icograda’s GA history.

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[56] The theme for the main Congress was ‘The Changing Role and Challenges of Design’ which attracted participation by designers, business leaders, politicians, legal practitioners and social scientists.

The first Icograda, ICSID and IFI Joint Congress took place in Helsinki from 1–8 August 1981, an event that had been under discussion since 1977. In September 2001, the Continental Shift 2001: World Design Convergence Congress took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Design Week included a Design Perspectives seminar and Regional Meeting. In 1975 the Icograda Edugraphic ‘75 International Conference was held in Edmonton with the theme ‘Education for Graphic Design/Graphic Design for Education’. The Icograda Design Week in Brno took place from 17–21 June in the Czech Republic.