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“When the product launches live, and anyone in the world has easy access to creating a smart token, this will change the face of cryptocurrency adoption.

That token equals the right to use whatever service that company is offering in a tokenized system. When one thinks of a “regular” community manager, someone who posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn springs to mind. This year, it was a 500-to-1 ratio of startup companies trying to sell ICOs to a real enterprise company. Instead of stock, in an ICO a company sells a number of cryptocurrency tokens. ICOs offer “tokens,” thus it is helpful to understand that terminology.

Buy Lots ICO Whitelist

  • No other crypto has as much network value as bitcoin.
  • No one wants to trade off bitcoin because they know that there is value in holding it.

And many of these upcoming startups have ICOs, or token crowdsale events, lined up in the near future.

If you ever find an ICO is live but doesn’t have a white paper, I would recommend not buying any tokens from it. So the real information of the invoice is only held by the customer and the financier.” MC: Should people who have already bought into ICOs be worried? Only non-accredited US investors are mentioned as barred from participating in the token sale. If investing in the coins with the highest market caps is risky, and investing in altcoins with low market caps is even riskier then ICOs are even riskier than that. Before we get into details about ICOs though, I need to make sure you have a fair understanding of the technology behind ICOs — blockchains and smart contracts.

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Bitcoinist: So, in fact, you’ll enable anyone to hold a token sale?

The market is still expanding, and most new ICO’s, whatever they are called, use Ethereum-based solutions to issue their tokens and roll out smart contracts. AS: We can argue a lot as to whether one needs to raise money in order to raise more money over a token sale later. AS: The future is reserved for services that can effectively harness the power of smart contracts and create infrastructures that reinforce Ethereum capabilities and other platforms for token issuance. If people want to raise money for a project they think will change the world, the least they can do is explain it properly in words. When companies list themselves on the stock exchange, people and companies that are interested in the companies can purchase shares in the company for a certain price.

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But tokens don’t typically give their owners ownership over a part of the company that issued them.

The initial coin offering (sometimes also called a token crowdsale) is, in certain ways, similar to an initial public offering. Interestingly, unique coins can use the Ethereum blockchain and build their own token network off it. The tokens can either have a static pre-determined price or it may increase or decrease depending on how the crowd sale is going. Secondly, we are critical of the team’s decision to only make 30% of tokens available to the public through the ICO. Take Bancor, for example; currently the top dog in terms of money raised via a token sale.

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As stated in this document, only 30% of DIP tokens will be available to the public during the token sale.

Generally, anything less than 50% public ownership of tokens challenges our view of what a “decentralized” platform should be like. Very few people will want to invest in a project that doesn’t have a white paper, or a good white paper. Many ICO tokens have done well over time, but few have consistently traded above their ICO price during the first few months after launch. TIP: One reason the Ethereum platform is used for ICOs is that Ethereum’s smart contracts can be programmed to distribute tokens. It is a bit like trading Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash (a unique token built on the bitcoin blockchain), or Ethereum for Ethereum classic.

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Etherisc is a company registered in Germany that is issuing a token that will be known as DIP on the Ethereum blockchain.

You have to realize that most of the companies that you are investing in, in ICOs barely have anything ready. All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen. Every ICO is a little bit different, but typically there’s a time limit for the sale, and a set number of maximum tokens that will be sold. Token velocity in simple terms means: Are people going to hold on to the tokens for long-term gain or sell it off immediately? There is no definitive role description for an ICO community manager, its tasks and responsibilities vary from person to person and company to company.