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You might be surprised when you find out who is behind this project… Metronome, as a cryptocurrency is quite unusual, or perhaps unique.

It is a misnomer that the MTN token would work on many blockchains unless the token’s technology somehow changed in the future. So, it’s possible that hardcore Ethereum Classic fans could come out in droves to support Metronome as a use case for the nascent chain. Metronome may hardly become “Bitcoin killer”. This time, however, we wanted to dig a little bit deeper into what Metronome is really offering, and especially, who claims to be offering it.

Buy Metronome ICO Whitelist

  • Jeff Garzik (CEO and Co-Founder, Chief Designer)
  • Matthew Roszak (Chairman and Co-Founder)
  • Peter Vessenes (Chief Cryptographer)
  • Ryan Condron (Principal Engineer)
  • Troy Benjegerdes (Principal Engineer)
  • Jordan Kruger (Data Scientist)

Honestly, most people looking to invest in altcoins, tokens, and ICOs are hoping they discover the next Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The official site states that all Ether (the only accepted currency for the sale) collected from the sale will go directly into Metronome smart contracts and not to the developers. By far the most interesting feature of Metronome is the blockchain interoperability, which as a feature in a crypto coin will be a first. Metronome comes at a late stage in the game, at a time when the appetite for ICOs is decreasing and all eyes are on Bitcoin. Metronome is a cryptocurrency that is built on Ethereum, Bitcoin and Qtum technologies.

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Metronome (MTN) claims it is a unique cryptocurrency.

The Verdict The Metronome project is attempting to add practices that are employed in the distribution and mintage of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies with a tinge of modern technology. They know the faults and weaknesses of Bitcoin, and yet it is strange how a member of the Bitcoin Core team has moved on to build over the Ethereum platform. Bloq says that all ICO proceeds will remain within the Metronome smart contract system to help provide liquidity for the currency. Metronome advertises itself as a token allowing cross-blockchain usage of digital assets.

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Metronome token model is inflationary.

Metronome is expected to launch in early December 2017. To solve this problem that Metronome perceived, they have made their coin compatible with all blockchains. The rest of the team includes various industry experts: The technical team is featured on the Metronome token page. The Bloq team is highly visible and known in the cryptocurrency community- headed by Jeff Garzik, an elite developer from the early days of Bitcoin.

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According to the official metronome website, Vessenes is the lead cryptographer.

As stated in this document, only 30% of DIP tokens will be available to the public during the token sale. At best, Metronome may prove to be a glorified decentralized exchange that manages to allow you to swap between several assets. The Metronome (MTN) ICO event is starting on until with a hardcap of . Hi, So, I received an email from ICO-drops about the metronome ICO and it has a link to contribute to the crowd sale.

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True, the project’s founders and advisors are highly visible, but this makes the Metronome ICO even stranger.

Metronome addresses some of the most important issues in cryptocurrency today. Metronome tokens will be sold at a Dutch auction with a starting price of $100 per MTN token, which would gradually drop until buyers accept it. Further, institutions can more confidently enter the cryptocurrency category, as Metronome will enable them to innovate and develop reimagined financial products.” said Matthew Roszak, co-founder and chairman of Bloq. Metronome is a project promising to link several blockchains, to be added in the future. As reported by Bloomberg, Bloq intends to unveil Metronome today at the Las Vegas Money 2020 conference.