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A good trading exchange must have a combination of performance, trust and security.

The NEX token sale will occur in April and will require contributions through the NEX extension or the token sale feature in the NEON wallet. The idea of combining a decentralized exchange with an off-chain matching engine certainly has some appeal and may be the next step in making cryptocurrency exchanging more accessible and palatable. Neon Exchange wants to be the first decentralized exchange to allow its users to trade tokens on the NEO blockchain. Whitelisting-10 march – 31 march Token sale : Since 1 April Accepts: NEO, GAS Q1 2018 Token sale and open source platform launch. Neon Exchange combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to enable faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchanges.

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  • Good business idea.
  • Strong team based on information provided on website.

Neon Exchange, or NEX, describes itself as “a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation”.

The actual token exchange uses UTXO which requires that all global assets be converted into NEP-5 standard so they can be processed quickly. The advantages that NEX intends to offer over the current crop of decentralized exchanges are performance, usability, and the aforementioned capability to use fiat to enter the exchange. Neon Exchange is ran by NEO’s blockchain network and can help you receive your cryptocurrencies while having a strong platform behind it. The matching engine will be tasked with handling order matching, which is the most expensive aspect of running an exchange. Firstly, the NEX platform brings complex order types that aren’t currently available on other decentralized exchanges, such as limit orders, stop losses, margin trading, etc.

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Opinion The value of NEX is not that it creates a decentralised exchange on the NEO blockchain platform, nor its innovative off-chain order matching engine.

which will give the holders a share of the profits generated by the payment service and exchange features of NEX. The risk/ problems with Centralized Exchange and why do we Decentralized exchanges ?Privacy, trust, security and market instablity. NEX is building a decentralized exchange that combines NEO blockchain and off-chain matching engine to provide much faster and more complex trades that are currently not possible on other DEXs. To understand Neon Exchange’s technology, let’s first take a step back and understand the NEO blockchain at a basic level. According to the official website: NEX combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to enable much faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchanges.

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Many investors are making a mistake by comparing Neon Exchange to other off-chain ICOs like 0x or Kyber Network.

The goal is to provide users with centralized exchange experience in terms of overall performance combined with secure and trusless environment of decentralized exchanges. The first is via a direct cut of fees across each token on the exchange. The NEX token will entitle its holders to a share of the fees generated by the NEX exchange. The NEX token holders will get a share of the fees generated by the NEX exchange. Q1 2018: NEX token sale and release of open source platform for token sales on NEO Q2 2018: Payment service launch on MainNet for NEO and GAS.

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There are five co-founders of Neon Exchange, each of which also holds a developer position within the company.

Thus a payment service layer was introduced to Neon Exchange that converts global assets (such as NEO and GAS) into smart contract tokens through the payment service address. Neon Exchange has three main components: It works by allowing its users create their own type of taker/maker fee structure. The NEX token allows each holder to claim a share of the fees generated by the payment service and exchange; therefore, the token is very much a security. 50% Neon Exchange, or NEX, is a decentralized exchange that is designed to combine the security of decentralized exchanges with the performance of centralized ones. There will be a maximum of 50 million tokens available, which Neon Exchange hopes to use to raise $25 million for half of the tokens.

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For example, if Neon Exchange is trading NEO, GAS, NEX,  DBC and so on…the user would receive a share of each of these assets.

Neon Exchange recently announced that their legal team has determined that Japan, South Korea and China can participate in the ICO. NEX will be the first exchange to utilize NEO, NEO Gas and its own NEX token as base pairs to trade NEP-5 tokens. One such strength is the ability of the exchange to handle high volumes of trade because of its use of a verifiable off-chain matching engine. Users can choose to receive claims as a direct cut of fees across each token on the exchange or the equivalent amount in a specifies asset of their choosing. Neon Exchange aims to combine the performance of centralized exchanges with the trust and security of decentralized exchanges.